“It’s no exaggeration to say that working intensively with Carol has changed my life – in that it has supported me in beginning to see myself as strong, powerful and capable physically. Carol gets the mind-body connection. Rather, she understands the mind-spirit-heart-body connection and she will go as deep into your work as you are willing to go. She is not only knowledgeable, but she is also wise and intuitive. In her words, through working with her I’ve discovered my ‘inner jock!’ She is an inspiration.”

Vanessa, 38 (breast cancer survivor)

“Carol has helped me find youth inside my body and my mind and that has been so amazing! She continues to inspire me to be my authentic athletic self and for that, I am truly grateful.”

Linda, 55

“Carol has inspired me in more ways than I had ever imagined. Her attention to the whole person and the subtle lessons and messages that I have learned through working with her are truly ingrained within me. Working with her is a wonderful opportunity to figure things out! I know that I am now headed down the right path!”

Pam, 50

“Carol Porter is an exceptional trainer. She takes an integrated approach to help clients reach their goals by mixing strength training, flexibility, balance, cardio, and mindfulness in her workouts. She emphasizes fun and creativity; I’ve learned to trust my body on what I need and want to do. I’ve learned the basic principles and that I can create a workout anywhere, even without special equipment or hours a day in a gym. I’ve also learned how to use equipment to streamline my workout and get quicker results. Carol’s a good listener and supporter; she gently helps a person put aside self-doubt to see and believe in their own potential. She’s helped me embrace my athleticism and be proud of what I’m able to do. Carol is also an inspiration in how she takes care of herself, in her openness and genuineness. I’ve been working with Carol Porter for the past year and I’m so glad to know her…and now I can do a real push-up! (10 actually).”

Josie, 67